About Me

同人 (doujin): literally “same person,” refers to a group of people with shared interests (aka “niche”).

Hi! I am Doujin Dev, an independent game developer, anime enthusiast, and artist. Though I could be considered an “indie” developer, I have felt that the word is a bit “tainted.” To some, it sounds pretentious and caters towards making “artsy” non-games.

I prefer being called “doujin” because it caters towards making things for the sheer joy of making things because you are a fan. “Doujin” is a culture that surrounds itself around fan art, fan comics, and even fan games. Though some achieve commercial success, that is not the aim or intention. It’s about the joy of pure creation.

Doujin creators also have a tendency towards anonymity. What is more important is not the identity (or identities) of the creator(s), but the work itself. Does the work achieve its intended end: to engage, to enrapture, to thrill, to bring joy? That’s all that matters in the end.

That is why, I am Doujin Dev.

It’s a pleasure to meet you. Please treat me well.